Stainless Steel 4 Piece Kit

Stainless Steel 5 Piece Set

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Handcrafted in twisted stainless steel, this 4 piece set will last forever! Poker, Pusher, Peel and Rake for the ultimate cooking experience! Can be displayed on the wall with the matching wall hanger that facilitates the door also!

Rake: for bringing coals to the front if you want to clean the oven floor:

Poker: A must for placement of the wood and for pushing or pulling hot skillets etc from the oven.

Paddle: For rotation of the pizza dough.

Pusher: Half moon shaped tool to tidy the residue coals to the back of the oven before each light up/cleaning of the oven.

Hand crafted to match the door and the 4 piece hand forged stainless steel tool kit.

Makes an attractive feature which facilitates the door and keeps all in the one spot!

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Product Description

Fantastic Wall Feature

4 x hand crafted twisted tool set with a matching wall hanger.