Our commercial division is experienced in the design and installation of our larger inside floor area woodfired ovens.


Our commercial woodfired ovens are best for:

  • Restaurants / Cafes
  • Hotels / Resorts
  • Pubs
  • Clubs
  • Bars
  • Function Centres, lifestyle villages


Choosing a commercial oven is easy with our expert advice.

1. BASE:

Choose the oven BASE that is right for your business needs & physical access:

  • Fixed Position – A fixed based is uniquely designed, followed by the installation of a pre-built oven on a concrete slab (need access to hiab into position), or on-site built oven depending on site access.* (On-site build is ONLY available in Perth Metro area)
  • Fixed Frame – The benefit of this system is that oven requires less solid space. The customised built frame is installed first, and either the pre-built oven is delivered and then with the use of a hiab lifted into position or depending on access the oven will be built on-site. *(the fixed frame structure option is ONLY available for “The Don” sized oven)


Choose from the following 2 size options:

The ‘DON’ Comercial Oven:  Available fully constructed on a reinforced concrete slab for $6280.00 plus  GST + Delivery. If access is not available then The ‘DON’ is available in KIT form for $4,290 plus GST + Delivery.

The Cafe Grande Commercial Oven is an onsite installation only and is NOT available in KIT form. Cost is $8500 plus GST

Additional costs:

Installation on site from $800.00

Fixed Frame from $1,500.00

Solid Basic base from $1,500.00

For other oven accessories view our online STORE.

4. CONTACT US to finalise your order.

“Cafe Grande” Comercial Oven

Cafe Grande

Ideal usage Hotels
No. of Pizza 8-12
Roasting Trays 5
Inside Floor 1760mm x 1200mm
Flue 1200mm
W x L(weight) 1550 x 2000mm (1500kgs without slab)
“The Don” Commercial Oven

The Don

Ideal usage Cafes
No. of Pizza 7 – 9
Roasting Trays 4
Inside Floor 1040mm x 1260mm
Flue minimum 150mm
W x L (weight) 1600mm X 1500mm         (1200kg built on the slab)

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