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  • 3 Piece Tool Kit

    A must for every wood fired oven owner to add to the wonderful cooking experience.

    With a tool kit you can do the following with ease:

    Rake: for bringing coals to the front if you want to clean the oven floor: A must for placement of the wood and for pushing or pulling hot skillets etc. from the oven.
    Paddle: For rotation of the pizza dough.
    Pusher: Half-moon shaped tool to tidy the residue coals to the back of the oven before each light up/cleaning of the oven.
    $185.00 inc GST
  • Cast Iron Skillet (Smooth)

    Great for sausages or any lamb, chicken skewer !..

    Weight 3.2kg

    35cm x 35 cm x3cm

    $42.50 inc GST
  • Cast Iron Skillet(Ribbed)

    Great for sausages or any lamb, chicken skewer !.

    Weight 3.2kg

    35cm x 35 cm x3cm

    $42.50 inc GST
  • Gettin’ Fired Up – Woodfired Oven Cookbook

    GETTIN’ FIRED UP, Woodfired Oven Techniques & Recipes combines handy knowledge of how to light, maintain & master your oven, plus recipes from Australia’s leading woodfired chefs.

    Cook the very best Pizza Recipes – then explore the full use of your woodfired oven with Bread and Cakes, Meats, Fish, The 12 Hour Oven, & Favourites recipes.

    A woodfired oven is the ultimate in outdoor entertaining. And this book will provide insights and recipes to become a backyard master chef.

    Not only will you have a classic garden feature, but a superb cooking facility and entertainment unit all in one.

    ISBN: 9780987148957
    Softcover: 120 pages
    Printed in Australia

    $29.95 inc GST
  • Infrared Thermometer: 50C-700C

    Get to know your woodfired oven – now you can instantly and accurately measure temperatures up to 700 degrees!

    Compact, safe and easy to use! Just aim and push the button for current surface temperature in less than a second!

    Package Dimensions & Weight: (Length 26cm)x(Width 22cm)x (Height 6cm) Weight 600Grms

    $89.95 inc GST
  • Natural Bristle Brush – a must for your oven floor!

    German made quality Natural Bristle Brush great for lightly dusting your oven floor prior to cooking and safe to use during cooking. Do not use plastic or metal fibre brushes as these can drop fragments onto the oven floor when it is hot!

    $28.00 inc GST

    You can use this pizza cutter to chop slice& dice vegies ,herbs,fruit etc.

    35cm long x7cm stainless steel blade can be used to transfer the chopped ingredients to the cooking pan or pot .

    $18.00 inc GST
  • PVC Rain Cover for woodfired oven

    PVC medium family rain cover to protect your oven from getting wet during wet seasons!

    Fit oven dimensions 1250 mm(L)x 970 mm(W)x 620 mm(H)-excluding flue

    $155.00 inc GST
  • Set of 4 Quality Bamboo Pizza Boards

    No plates required. Make life easy by serving, eating and cooking from these fabulous pizza boards. Sourced by Mediterranean Woodfired ovens with our flame logo this quality bamboo board is a must.

    A set of 4 sets you up for pizza parties with ease! Roll your dough, place on the board and slide into the oven. Very useful for taking hot skillets from the oven, by pulling the skillet with your poker tool piece onto the board, and then to the table!

    Bamboo: Weight 0.66kg Length 44mm Width 29mm Height N/A

    $100.00 $85.00 inc GST