Accessories available at Bunnings:

You are able to buy the following products directly from Bunnings:

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2. AMALFI (Medium/Family)


Available ‘in-store’ at all Bunnings outlets.

You can build our D.I.Y. Kit in 5 hours - with the help of our included 15 step DVD.


Please Note: Delivery charges apply & available only through contacting your local Bunnings ‘Special Orders’ section.

3. ENTERTAINER (Large Size)

D.I.Y. KIT –  *Delivery charges apply & available through contacting your local Bunnings ‘Special Orders’ section.

Customer Testimonials:

 Rob (23 November, 2010)

“I have just recently completed my oven that I bought from Bunnings as a kit. I must say I enjoyed making it and learnt many new DIY skills. Thanks for making this oven kit available. I just have to learn to use it properly. Plenty of practice needed!”

Warren (31 May, 2011)

“Please find attached photos of finished pizza oven. It works a treat and I have been able to successfully cook pizza and a roast in the first 3 fires since curing. I look forward to attending one of the cooking classes in the near future to see how it is done by the experts!!”

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